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Repair of all types of Suspension

Industrial Springs has OVER 35 YEARS EXPERIENCE in THE SUSPENSION INDUSTRY. We can repair all suspension components weather it be a leaf spring or air ride suspension.

• Leaf spring repair and/or addition of blades for front or back
• Change your spring suspension to an Air suspension or vice-versa


King Pin and Torque Rod Repair

Rear Tandem Beam Bushing Repair

All Types of Bushing Repair

• Leaf Spring
• Air Suspension
• Coil Springs
• Air Valves
• Torque Rods

• Brackets
• Spring Bushings & Pins
• Walking Beam Bushings
• Shock absorbers
• Shackles & Pins

Specialist in parts and repair of the 12 wheels
(Mack DMM, Inter, Sterling, Freightliner, Volvo, etc.)

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